About periodontal disease

Gingivitis is a periodontal disease that can be trated by a dentist in Tijuana, which affects the gums, and destroying their ligaments, supporting tissues, and tooth sockets, causing their inflammation. The gingivitis inflammation is caused by acute dental infection, resulting from the oral bacteria active breeding and producing the gums tissue destroying toxins. These bacteria normally inhabit our oral cavities and hardly ever cause troubles, if a person is healthy, as his body has a safe protection against them. But if his body immune system is lowered, the oral bacteria start to breed uncontrollably. Apart from that, the gingivitis development is also associated with the several causes that most be treated.

What are Gingivitis Causes? Health care experts cannot come up with one and the only gingivitis cause. They only agree that it has a bacterial nature, whereas the reasons for the inflammation have not yet been proven, consequently the gingivitis causes theories vary. Tijuana Mexico dentist generally agree that inadequate oral cavity hygiene often contributes to the gingivitis development and the gums destroying toxins production. In addition, when not removed the plaque, gradually turns into tartar, which irritates the gums, causing their inflammation.