Reduce the wrinkles on your face

Wrinkles come out for different reasons, due to the simple passage of time, stress or sleeping in a way that affects the elasticity of your face. And get rid of them is very difficult, of course, there is always the easy solution is to get a face filler Tijuana which is a safe and reliable option, but if you do not have the necessary money, then we will show a choice with which you can see improvements.

And the only thing you will occupy is ice, with ice therapy you will be able to reduce wrinkles and eliminate acne naturally, but it should be applied well since if ice is applied directly on the skin, this can cause burns.

This ice therapy is very easy to do and very cheap, the key to good results is to be constant. Apply this treatment every day by following these steps:

-Clean your face, and this should not have traces of makeup
-Wrap the piece of ice on a cloth as this should not have direct contact with the skin
-With the ice wrapped in the towel, rub the areas you want to treat either acne or wrinkles, and in the most problematic areas rub at least for two minutes.
– Make circular movements with the ice in the chin area of ??the cheeks, nose and forehead area.
-To the eye area, you should be softer.
– Finish this treatment by applying a facial tonic with the help of cotton.

To treat acne, it is recommended to follow the same steps, and after applying the ice to use your usual products for acne, the ice will help reduce the production of sebum. Ice therapy should last 15 minutes or so and should be done in the morning and night. If you are constant, you will notice beautiful results in a short time.