Why Womens Alpaca Sweaters and Ruanas are Hot in Fashion

One of the most competitive spaces is the world of women’s clothing. According to Statista, revenue of the women’s apparel industry in the United States from 2012 to 2017 earned over 8.2 billion. Apparel items in all season lines are hyper competitive, but growing in popularity are unique clothing items, and amongst these are women’s alpaca sweaters and ruanas.

From 2015 to the present day there has been a huge shift in popularity with women’s alpaca sweaters and alpaca ruanas. The most desired are those that come from the sustainable farms of Peru. When shopping for women’s alpaca sweaters and ruanas make sure the company sources these directly from the farms of Peru and Bolivia, and get a guarantee they are 100% alpaca fiber free from blended fabrics.

Alpaca Ruanas are Gorgeous and Different from Shawls

One reason why alpaca ruanas are so popular is that they are like shawls and sarapes, but they aren’t and are therefore a unique garment with a fascinating history highlighted with mysticism. Ruanas are originally from the Andes region of Venezuella. The word “ruana” translates from the Chibcha word meaning “Lord of Blankets”. Generally, they are rectangle or square-shaped with a slitted hole for the head that runs down the edge. Traditionally they were very thick and soft warn at knee-length. Today, ruanas remain the same but there are also lighter variations for wear in tepid weather conditions.

Shawls are rectangular and much longer like a scarf. They tend to be lighter and are meant to be thrown over the arms to cover the lower back. Shawls fall closer to that definitive accessories space, though many regard them as a garment. Alpaca ruanas, on the other hand, are clear-cut garments that are generally worn in winter and fall but are now dominating summer and spring evening wear.

Women’s Alpaca Sweaters in Luxury Fashion Brands

Another reason why women’s alpaca sweaters are so hot in fashion is simply this: the hottest fashion labels are using alpaca fiber to make coats, sweaters, jackets, scarves, gloves and hats. Luxury apparel brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Hugo Boss have used alpaca in their fall and winter lines, and the feedback with sales to boot prove popularity. And whenever you see a hot trend in upscale fashion, middle-end fashion like Gap and Banana Republic will follow suit.

Alpaca Sweaters Hug the Earth, and Women Love It

For those women who truly care about the earth and sustainability, alpaca sweaters are all the more attractive. Also, Hollywood names like Matt Damon and George Clooney advocate for supporting sustainable communities all the time and have praised the alpaca farming communities of Peru and Bolivia. When you buy women’s alpaca sweaters made in these countries you support family-owned farms that span back for multiple generations that use 100% green farming methods while harvesting the fibers as the alpaca live naturally.

Alpaca Sweaters for Women Accommodate Many Personal Styles

Whether you love the traditional look of a Scandinavian design sweater, or you seem a modern look with an alpaca cardigan sweater, there are many types, cuts and looks women have to choose from. Find your style, and become a part of a fashion trend that has been growing and isn’t slowing down.