Working Out VS Your Oral Health

You may know how important is exercise for our bodies because your general doctor recommend you, and so your cardiologist and nutritionist and it is true it has many benefits but only if you do it right, you may didn’t know but you could have been making some mistakes that can affect other parts of your body such as your mouth.
Some studies have found out that people that have more physical activities are more likely to have teeth erosion and dental caries, but don’t worry you don’t have to stop working out, just have to be more careful with some details.
If you feel some kind of soft pain in your mouth when you are in your morning run, there is some reasons why this happened, one of them could be your shoes, you have to buy the perfect running shoes to give you a low impact depending in the type of floor you’re usually run or work out. In the other way a constantly strong impact can send force and pressure through your body and slowly hurt your teeth.
Another reason of pain in the teeth when your workout can be cavity or sinus infections, either of them what you need to do is go to a Mexico dental to fix your problem and take a time to recover before start to work out again.
Clenching Teeth
Maybe you have not noticed and you clench or grind your teeth during exercise and this movement of the jaw can waste your the enamel, cause jaw pain and headaches, which is not cool at all. Mouth guards can prevent dental problems.
Breathing Through Your Mouth
Breathing through your mouth can seem a really innocent act but there is a reason why experts tell you to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, and some of the reasons are because your nose works as a filter which blocks particles, adds moisture, and warms up the air before it enters your body, so when you breathe through your mouth, you lose these effects and you also inhaling bacteria in the air.
Even though there are few causes of issues caused by a bad breathing if it becomes a habit, you could develop a dry mouth which at the same time can increase your chances of develop tooth decay among other different diseases.
So you better have a good couch that explains you all of this, from choosing your shoes to control your breathing.